November 30, 2013


-- by Jasper Vanpoucke 

Hello to all coloursofstyle-lovers! As you all know from Rachelle’s post on November 13th, she is currently working as assistant buyer for the jewellery department of the renowned V&D department store chain. Trying to impress her bosses, this new job takes a lot of her daily time! Worried to neglect this blog a little bit, she asked me to step in and write a guest editorial.

But who am I? That’s a secret I will never tell… Kidding ! My name is Jasper Vanpoucke, and me and Rachelle went to school together last year. While working hard to get our Master’s degree in Fashion, we noticed that we share the same love for fashion, lifestyle, interior and basically all the other beautiful things in the world.

Today, I want to talk about a subject that is highly important for this blog: colour! Especially in these dark winter months, we have to fight our downhearted moods with an army of vibrant colours. Because everybody gets sad and a little bit depressed in winter, right? Luckily, the world’s top fashion houses have read our minds and predicted our need for colour! Back in February of this year, the following Fall and Winter 2013 collections (what we are wearing right now) showed plenty of bold colours and uplifting prints. Here’s my top 3 of FW collections that everybody should be wearing right now!

Marc by Marc Jacob’s fashion show started out with a lot of blacks and whites, which is often the case in any Fall/Winter collection. But the bright red and dark sapphire blue garments where the ones that stuck in my mind. Textures and fabrics where mixed in a way that only Marc Jacobs can think of, and the leafy patterns had a clear reference to fall and winter. Anybody who’s wearing Jacobs’ collection this winter, will be able to make the snow melt wherever they pass!

Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2013
Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2013 | Pictures by

Dries Van Noten’s FW ’13 collection was mainly characterized by dark blues, combined with an interplay of lines in subtle ecru and burgundy. Not particularly colourful, you might think. But the collection’s colour highlights came later in the show, in the form of pink evening dresses. The outfits’ tailoring was signature Van Noten, but the use of vibrant colours like hot pink and aureolin yellow stood out from the rest of the rather subdued collection. Dries Van Noten is a master of matching patterns and textures, which he also showed in these three dresses. The first two dresses were finished with ostrich feathers, attached to the dress with crystals. The third outfit paired a hot pink dress with trousers in the same colour. The bottom half of the dress was packed with a dense layer of ostrich feathers as well. The outfit’s flashy colour was softened by pairing it with a dark blue blazer and ditto shoes.

So, who’s wearing a similar colourful dress to a Christmas party this year? You will literally be the light of the party!

Dries Van Noten FW2013 Dries Van Noten FW2013 Dries Van Noten FW2013
Dries Van Noten FW2013 | Pictures by

Finally, my most favourite Fall-Winter 2013 collection in terms of colour has got to be Narciso Rodriguez. A Lygia Clark exhibition in São Paulo inspired the designer to mix colours in a very interesting way. The result is absolutely breathtaking! Rodriguez’s colour palette consisted of tangerine, hot pink, aubergine, sienna and cognac. The fabrics were also very diverse, going from matte to the very shiny duchesse silk. By mixing and matching both colours and fabrics, a unique and noticeable colour block collection was an aesthetically pleasing result. While the dresses in the duchesse silk were very flowy and loose, the jackets and trousers were a fine example of impeccable tailoring. But that’s classic Narciso Rodriguez: playful, but with a healthy dose of stringency.

So to repeat it one last time: don’t forget to wear colour this winter! It brightens the dark mornings, puts a smile on everybody’s ruddy face and makes you stand out in a time where everyone’s go-to colour is black.

Narciso Rodriguez FW2013 Narciso Rodriguez FW2013 Narciso Rodriguez FW2013
Narciso Rodriguez FW2013 Narciso Rodriguez FW2013 Narciso Rodriguez FW2013
Narciso Rodriguez FW2013 | Pictures by

What colourful pieces are part of your winter wardrobe this year?
How are you avoiding the winter blues?

November 27, 2013


Hi everyone! I'm afraid I won't be able to update my blog as often as before as I get home quite late every day from work. I do want to continue this blog, but I might only place new blogposts twice a week. :( Sorry for this!

This weekend I went shopping in Zaandam (which is a lovely city I would recommend all foreigners to visit in the Netherlands. 2 train stops from Amsterdam Central station. Before going I looked around to find some inspiration for new outfits. I ended up buying pants similar to the one on the second last picture. The Tartan print seems to be huge this fall/winter as seen on the runway at Clements Ribeiro, Suno and Moschino. I wasn't sure about this print at first, but I guess I gave in. Can't wait to wear these pants with a nice white blouse or a black sweater!

Do you like these looks for winter?

November 21, 2013


I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit that much yet, but its starting to come! So I figured it would be a good moment to put together a little wishlist for this Christmas. I don't feel like asking anything really as my parents have been more than generous already this year and with my boyfriend I decided to get something together. All I really wanted was a job for Christmas and I got it! :) (.. oh and perfume. I really want perfume).

I just happened to be a day late with posting my wishlist as my mom told me yesterday she bought me my presents. Good thing she knows what I want when I don't so I'm sure they will be great presents!

So this is my wishlist for Christmas. Now I'm curious to know what is on yours? 

November 18, 2013


The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, living room

Since the big news about the job I have been a little lazy, and a little busy which is why I didn't post any updates, sorry about that! I truly hope I will be able to continue blogging when my job starts (NEXT MONDAY! :D )!  Today's amazing pictures are from last month Lonny magazine.

Hammer and Spear is an amazing design store in the burgeoning arts district in Los Angeles founded by college sweethearts Kritan Cunningham and Scott Jarrel. The pictures however are from their beautiful loft in downtown Los Angeles (exept the last two pics) which is decorated with stuff from second hand stores! I love the unexpected mix of items in different style, the cozyness and the luxurious feel of their loft!

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, entry way

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, details1

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, dinner table

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, living

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, living detail

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, kitchen
This is a standard Ikea kitchen! Can you believe it? It was revamped with leather drawer pulls, additional shelving, and contrasting baseboards.

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, machine
Made to resemble a radio, a rare Prohibition-era compartment that opens up to reveal a tiny bar! Isn't this amazing!

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, bedroom

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, bedroom details

The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, living details The collectors, hammerandspear, home interior, store
The Hammer and Spear store.

Do you like this interior?

November 14, 2013


Yesterday morning I got some AMAZING news!! Namely ...*drum rolls*....... I have a job!!! From December on I will be the new assistant buyer for the jewellery department at the largest department store of the Netherlands (V&D)!!! You have no idea how psyched I am to get started, as this was exactly the job I dreamed of. The only downside is that the job is only for a couple months, but fact remains that this is an amazing opportunity. It's incredibly hard to find a job in the Netherlands as a recent graduate, especially in fashion, so I couldn't be any happier! :)

But, back to today's topic: Winter essentials. There have been a couple super cold days already which required wearing gloves, scarves and maybe even a beanie if you're easily cold like me. So I put together a list of my favourite winter accessories.... soon soon soon I will have a job.. and that means an income and thus I'll be able to buy new stuff! I really want to buy some new scarves, because as all those who know me know: after summer I will not ever be without a scarf until the next summer. I really like the Gray one from Awear, but unfortunately their shipping costs are kind of high to Europe. When it comes to gloves I would advice you leather once, everyone should own at least one pair of them. They might be a bit of an investment, but can last for years of you take good care of them!

1. Topshop // 2. H&M // 3. H&M // 4. H&M // 5. Asos // 6. Accessoirize // 7. Topshop // 8. New Look // 9. Awear // 10. River Island // 11. Mango // 12. Zara // 13. Topshop // 14. Topshop // 15. H&M // 16. Topshop // 17. Asos // 18. Asos // 20 Accessoirize

Do you like these picks? And do you already have all the necessary winter accessories to stay warm or do you still need to buy some? Hopes these picks helps then!

November 11, 2013


This is the first 'Get the look' post, in which I will put together an outfit inspired by what others are wearing so you can get a similar look! For today's 'Get the look' I'm using two pictures of great fashion bloggers in their fall outfits as inspiration. Enjoy!

PS: Forgive me if any of the stores do not ship to your country - as my audience is Worldwide I try to find things from more international stores, but it's not possible to have everything from internationally shipping stores!

Sirma Markova, get the look, Fashion blogger
Dubble rings // Cigar band ring // Jumper // Tights // Coat // Skirt // Leather boots

Do you like these looks?

November 6, 2013


If you're on Pinterest you must have seen some of those amazing DIY projects that turn simple Ikea products into amazing pieces! I love Ikea products, but hacked Ikea products are even more amazing! The thing with Ikea products is that (well at least in the Netherlands) sooo many people have them, so it's difficult to make your home look very unique with their products... as everybody that walks in recognizes your furniture. Luckily, even with a small budget, there are ways to make your standard Ikea products look unique. The following Ikea hacks are my favourites, and I can't wait to get my own place and get started hacking Ikea furniture myself!

DIY ikea hacks

Moppe mini chest of drawers Ikea hack

Malm 6 drawer dresser Ikea hack

Do you like these Ikea hacks, and do you have any Ikea hacks in your home?